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About Us

Nicholas Galea
I'm Nicholas Galea, the webmaster of this website, and I'm a young Maltese student. My Father, Raymond Galea, is an experienced birder and ornithologist who has been birdwatching both in Malta and abroad for over 30 years. He's also an experienced bird ringer. Considering all this, it was natural for me to become a keen birder and conservationist myself and to grow a passion for birds and nature since I was a little boy, I'm always going out to birdwatch with my father, to whom I'm extremly grateful. Birdlife Malta, an organisation who works hard to protect the birds and their habitat, plays a major role in my life and I'm working hard to help it in its strive to help Malta's birds. After my 8 years of serious birdwatching in Malta, I can say that contrary to what many people think, Malta is a good place to watch birds and even though it requires a lot a patience, birding on these islands proves to be very rewarding.The Maltese Islands have also a wide range of flora and fauna species which help to characterise these islands into a typical mediterrenian ones. Along with birding I have also taken up nature photography as an accompanying hobby, and as you may see, most of the photographs in this website are either those of my father's (he's been taking pictures of birds and other wildlife for a long time now !) or mine.

After googiling Birdwatching in Malta and obtained no results that would satisfy anyone who wants to learn about Malta's birds I decided to build a website, along with my fellow friend Steve, to pass onto others all the knowledge I learned from my father and from my personal experiences. My close future ambition is that this website will grow into an encyclopedia to ornithology and birdwatching in the Maltese Islands.

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Steve Zammit Lupi
I'm Steve Zammit Lupi and I'm a young Maltese student. I am a very keen birdwatcher and always had a passion for nature since I was a little boy. I have been interested in birds since a young age and started taking the hobby of birdwatching seriously 3 years ago. I found it very exciting that altough Malta is small in size and much inhabited one can still find a wide variety of wildlife especially birds something unfortunately not known to many of the locals and not much appreciated. I am very aware of the need for us to conserve wildlife and protect their natural environment. Birdwatching in Malta requires alot of patience, determination and sacrifice as migration plays an important part of birding in malta but in the end you are always rewarded with good sightings of many different birds.Sometimes its just being at the right place at the right time. I go out regularly with other birdwatchers and I am always learning more about birds from other more experienced birders. I am very grateful to my grandfather as he himself was very interested in birds and was one of the first people to encourage me to have this wonderful hobby, to Birdlife Malta whick works hard to protect Malta's birds and their habitat and I am also very grateful to all maltese birdwatchers who are my companions and friends in the field.

I along with my very good friend Nick, through our knowledge and experience have worked very hard to create this interactive site about birds and birdwatching in the Maltese islands. We hope you will find this site useful and learn about what Malta has to offer to both locals and foreigners.