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Where to Go

In this section you'll find a list of places which are good for birdwatching in Malta. It is wise to keep in mind that as Malta has very few resident birds, and these places are not particularly good during summer. On the other hand, these sites may offer a very good number of birds during migration periods; in Autumn and Spring. Another point to bear in mind is that during migration, birds (especially the larger ones) are mainly seen flying by and not resting in their usuall habitats like they do in their breeding grounds. Therefore the best places to watch migrating birds usually high (hills) and offer a wide view. Sea watching in Malta is also a very good method to watch migrating birds, especially ducks, wader and other sea birds. Finally, as Malta is a small island, weather conditions are key factors to consider when choosing a birdwatching in site. Example: Strong winds are not particularly good for Birdwatching from high places (Buskett) but they may produce good birds when sea-watching (Qawra).

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List of Sites:

1. Buskett
2. Ghadira Nature Reserve
3. Simar Nature Reserve
4. Comino Island Bird Sanctuary
5. Foresta 2000
6. Salina Saltpans
7. Ghajn Rihana Valley
8. Ta' Cenc
9. Qawra